About Us

Need a pick-me-up after a long day at work? Are you tired of those long meetings in the afternoon; there’s nothing to look at on your phone that won’t attract attention? Well check out Ned and Larry! Our website deals with adult comics which you can readily bookmark as a speed dial on your phone in case things get too boring; for you a smile will be just a click away.

About us

Ned and Larry is a website that cares for your happiness. We started out creating comics and discovered our niche in the adult arena. We specialize in adult comics that can be used to deliver any type of message with much more emphasis. Adult comics are pictorial graphics that can be in form of cartoons, editorials, comic strips and comic books. The comics express ideas in form of texts which have an amazing way of showing up; speech balloons, pop-ups and captions. Our website has been publishing the comics for a long time. The Ned and Larry comics are published by Robin Crossman.

Here are a few of our comic categories:

1. Sarcastic comics; sarcasm is one sense of humor most people don’t get. We use sarcasm comics so that these people can get it because a smiling cartoon will mostly make the message less critical as compared to how you would have said it.

2. Office humor; it’s not every day you are in the mood to talk with your work colleague but with the cartoon expressing your mood in the office is priceless.

3. Diet comics; this will get you in the mood to eat some foods you have been procrastinating. Why would a gold fish get to eat Lasagna and you haven’t?

4. Weather comics; I find weather topics rather boring, but with the gold fish talking about how it will rain is just funny.

5. Vacation comics; you are stuck in your office with the normal boring routine. As you open our page our gold fish is in some beach in Cancun living its life. Don’t you think that is something to live for?

We offer these and many more categories. You will love these comics as well as the discussion forums and guest artists we bring in from around the globe.

Here are some advantages of using adult comics

• It is easy to put across a point. This is because a picture speaks louder than words since the expression on it is so clear.
• A graphic will always catch your attention and not cause distractions to those unintended for. This is definitely how you should spend your boring office meetings and your boss will definitely wonder where the long face has disappeared to.
• They are fun to watch especially in a motion picture.

If you love comics or you are actually looking for something to lift your spirit you definitely need to visit our Ned and Larry comics’ website. You can get our publications online from Amazon. We guarantee our content is original and no spun articles. It is time for you to smile again!