6 Jun

Adult Comics: Check These Out!


The comics are about a Pakistani-American teenager who is known as Kamala Khan; she wakes up one morning having extra ordinary powers to change her size and shape. This was after she sneaks out one night and inhales a weird mist. The girl put on a costume by herself after she wrote superhero fan fiction and played video games for many years.

The comics have an interesting speaking tradition from when they came to existence. The characters range from all kind of foibles. The trend is continued for 21st century in the fictional universe as publisher of the latest heroine.


These comics are about humanoids known as Marko and Alana from outer space. The two come from different communities that are in fight. During the war Marko and Alana love each other. The two have given birth to a baby girl and they are working very hard to become the best parents while on their escape from political operatives and bounty hunters who are attempting to kill or capture them.

Saga has fear, temperamental characters, prickly appeal, and flaws as well as mile long doubts. Like real world people, the humanoids are hardheaded, horny and neurotic but have robot royal families, magic spaceships as well as a spectral stranger that is suspicious to deal with.


It is about Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer who was robbed of his sight during his childhood accident in which parts of his senses were converted to superhuman levels. His superhero and legal lives always intervene and give him various vantage points on Marvel Universe.

Chris Samnee and Mark Waid have got a wonderful balance among two of character’s long-running interpretations making the comics more interesting and enjoyable to read. When he was introduced for the first time, Daredevil was then a wisecracking crime-fighter and devil-may-care. He became more violent and emotionally volatile when his adventure and personality grew darker in 1980’s. The present daredevil is dramatic and well-adjusted.


Miracleman is about a news photographer known as Mick Moran. While dreaming Moran realized that he had a secret identity; a hyper-powerful hero lying dormant for decades known as Miracleman.

These comics are one of many interesting superhero comics texts that was founded in the 1980’s. It is one that aided in the deconstruction of cape-and-tights mythologies including, “why ever go back to pretending to be human when you can be so much more?” that were accepted for quite a long period of time.

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