Adult Comics Out

My boyfriend is completely obsessed with adult comics, and quite frankly it annoys the crap out of me. I have some good friends who work as Canary Wharf escorts, and they say that they are coming across this problem as well. Not only are some of their dates seriously into adult comics, but their blokes are as well.

One of my Canary Wharf escorts friends say it is a bit like him sitting there reading playboy in front of her, and she wants to chuck his beloved collection out of the window. I can understand how she feels because I feel exactly the same way. There are days when I could just stand up, through him out of the living room window of our sixth floor apartment and be done with him.

I really do wonder why so many men seem to enjoy living in a complete fantasy world. Some of my Canary Wharf escorts friends say that men have always lived in a slight fantasy world, and according to her, and many other Canary Wharf escorts, are unlikely to give it up. Slight fantasy world must the understatement of the century!

I do understand where these Canary Wharf escorts are coming from, but sometimes I think men surround themselves with sexual fantasies. A lot of men claim to be great doers, but they are not really. They are not the action men they think they are, and women do a lot more.

That being said, I think that one of my Canary Wharf escorts friends hit the nail on the end. Somehow, men identify themselves with the characters in these books and carry on living in their little boy’s world. The poster of the Ferrari sports car may have come off the wall, but the little boy who put it there is still in there say some of my Canary Wharf escorts friends. Now, that opinion I would agree with and it explains a lot more.

Some of my Canary Wharf escorts friends say that their dates like them to dress up. They have to dress up as nurses, French maids and police women on demand. Apparently there are a lot of chaps out there who would like to fulfill their fantasies. Now, if this is what turns you on I suppose there is no harm done. However, I still find it very immature, and I really do wonder what is going through their minds sometimes.

My boyfriend has never asked me to dress up, and I don’t that I would be prepared to do that. What I would like to know if any Canary Wharf escorts have been asked to assume or dress up as the characters in these adult comics? It wouldn’t surprise me if there are some gents out there who would really like that.

Sometimes, I wonder if the girls in the adult comic books that my boyfriend reads turn him on more than I do, and if he thinks about them when he is with me. It is a very uncomfortable thought, and I have never been brave enough to ask him.

So, what do you think?