26 Feb
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Can Casual Sex Become A Relationship?

Imagine the following scenario, kicking back and relaxing with your closest friend of the opposite sex. The drinks are flowing, the moon just rose, and the perfect song is on the radio. You finally feel as close as you’ve always been hoping, but you’re still scared of What could happen. Eventually, you get so lost in the moment that you just can’t stop. You make your move and become something more than just friends. Now you’re asking yourself, can casual sex become a relationship?

Eventually, in these kinds of relationships, choices have to be made. In general, you ask yourself three things:

Are you ready to be mutually exclusive?

Moving from a casual relationship to a serious relationship can take a lot of gumption. You have to know what you want, or you can get overwhelmed with your expectations. Some people require all of your attention, and yet others are very distant and you don’t talk with them as much as you want. You could feel jealous, angry, or crazy- it’s all part of the process.

Do you have more in common than just sex?

Make a list of your favorite 5 characteristics of a person. If your list is short or unimpressive, you’re probably not going to be happy. Relationships have many important characteristics, and one is unconscionable, unquestioned love. Of your casual sex partner farted in front of you, how would you feel? It might sound silly, but considering these small things might help you define your feelings.

Could you see this person in your future, or introducing them to your parents?

Are you proud of your casual fling? Is it natural or does it feel forced? Would you introduce this person to your mother or grandmother? If you wouldn’t, you probably shouldn’t consider getting in a relationship with them. Keeping your future goals (like having a good relationship between everyone in your life) in mind helps keep you focused on what’s really important in a new relationship.

Why are you having casual sex with this person in the first place?

Is your relationship purely physical? When attraction is only skin deep, casual sex can’t become a relationship. If you enjoy more aspects than just someone’s body or sexual features, it’s safe to say you could move to the next level. It’s important to establish how you feel, and how the other person feels. If you don’t enjoy conversation, or feel butterflies, you might want to see if you can find something a little more special. However, if you can love the ways that people are, and embrace a person’s faults, you can eventually see through to the other side of a casual relationship.

So, what do you think?