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24 Jan
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My relationship Mistakes

In general I do think that we make both sex and our personal relationships too complicated, but it is not easy to change things. Like so many other girls at London escorts, I am a little bit challenged when it […]

6 Jan
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My Adult Comic Business

When I left London escorts, I started to look around for something to do. I have been in the adult entertainment business for a long so I did not want to give it up. It is much easier to continue […]

25 Jan
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Adult comics

How much do adult comics gross per year? It is difficult to lay your hands on an exact figure, but it is thought that globally the adults comics market is worth $300 million. That is not pocket change to anybody, […]

25 Dec
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Why are adult comics so popular these days?

Adult comics are becoming more and more popular, and I think it is a bit like men never grow up. When I worked for Charlotte action escorts, adult comics were not in but now men seem to be crazy about […]

20 Jul
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Adult comics – are they worry

One of my London escorts friends who has a teenage son found some adult comics in his room and now she is really worried about him. he is only 14 years old and my friend does not want to be […]

6 Jun
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Adult Comics: Check These Out!

MS. MARVEL The comics are about a Pakistani-American teenager who is known as Kamala Khan; she wakes up one morning having extra ordinary powers to change her size and shape. This was after she sneaks out one night and inhales […]

20 May
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Top Controversial Comic Books

Comedy is a relief that soothes the soul. However, there comes a time when comedy is deemed to have gone too far in its delivery. This explains why there are various comic books that have been deemed controversial in nature […]

19 May
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Best Toys for Solo Lovers

Here at Better Sex we always like to check out what is new and hot in the sex industry. This week we have asked four escorts from one of Stratford escorts agencies to join as, and we thought we would […]

18 May

Soho Escorts

The London escorts scene was actually born in Soho, and many Soho escorts think about themselves as the original London escorts they are found in As a matter of fact, one of the oldest escorts agencies in London is […]

15 May
Adult comic

Those Adult Comics

Adult comics are becoming more and more popular, but should adult comics be sold in general stores such as WHSmith or Waterstones? Adult comics can actually be quite explicit, and I wonder if they actually belong on general stores shelves. […]