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23 Feb
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Swedish women still move to London

During the 60s as well as 70s. Swedish ladies utilized to group to London. Lots of males thought that having a Swedish girlfriend was a little a standing symbol. Swedish ladies were seen as attractive and much more daring. Men […]

6 Jan
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My Adult Comic Business

When I left London escorts, I started to look around for something to do. I have been in the adult entertainment business for a long so I did not want to give it up. It is much easier to continue […]

25 Jan
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Adult comics

How much do adult comics gross per year? It is difficult to lay your hands on an exact figure, but it is thought that globally the adults comics market is worth $300 million. That is not pocket change to anybody, […]

20 Jul
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Adult comics – are they worry

One of my London escorts friends who has a teenage son found some adult comics in his room and now she is really worried about him. he is only 14 years old and my friend does not want to be […]

23 May
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Adult Comics Out

My boyfriend is completely obsessed with adult comics, and quite frankly it annoys the crap out of me. I have some good friends who work as Canary Wharf escorts, and they say that they are coming across this problem as […]

15 May
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Those Adult Comics

Adult comics are becoming more and more popular, but should adult comics be sold in general stores such as WHSmith or Waterstones? Adult comics can actually be quite explicit, and I wonder if they actually belong on general stores shelves. […]

4 Apr
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The World of Comics – Adults Only

There are comics, and then there are comics specifically geared towards adults. Below we’ve listed some of the more popular adult comic sites available today. Comes up first in the search engines for adult comic websites, but it’s not […]