2 Oct

Comic Book Characters In Adult Films

Despite the fact that pornography is considered a taboo by many, it doesn’t fail to find acceptance in a few modern cultures. With comic books having a significant popularity among certain people both young and old, we can find several comic book characters that have their adult film counterparts. Having the craze of superheroes in full swing, it is perhaps not surprising that we get one or two authors and film makers matching some of these characters with this niche of pornographic fantasy. Examples of characters featured in this include;


This character is probably the most imagined on television and film industry and it actually makes sense that it does have its fair share of porn parodies. In most scenarios, the dark knight can be seen paired by Robin, his sidekick that we all know too well. Sex movies such as Batman XXX and Batman & Robin the All-male XXX parody are just a few of the common known films to be produced.


Superman also goes into the record as one of the most dashing and loved superhero for almost all of us since childhood. In the pornography niche, he still continues to be quiet a character as he is portrayed to possess great sexual prowess. In almost all the sex movies he has been featured in like the porn parody, Superman XXX and the Axel Braun Parody called Batman vs. Superman XXX, the man of steel is still impressive.

Wonder Woman

There is no doubt that the vast majority of the porn watching population is men. As a result, it is only fair that the famous scantily dressed Amazon woman, the wonder woman be featured in porn movies. She has appeared in several porn movies like Wonder woman XXX which was a hardcore parody and she also featured the Axel Braun Parody, Batman vs. Superman XXX.


The God of Thunder is just too big of a superhero character to miss out on the list of pornographic films that are mostly pun-driven. The actor, Chris Hemsworth is already seen by many as a sex symbol and it easy for him to be imagined being in such a character. The superhero features in an XXX parody, Thor and Thor XXX which is quiet the extreme.

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