26 Feb

Erotic Comics: Popular Then and Now

The history of eroticism in art begins with the very first cave paintings located in Egypt. Symbols of beauty and eroticism have existed during every age, in all cultures of the world. The Christian church has condemned such art, while it has been a dominant factor in supporting the arts of painting and sculpture by employing proficient artists to recreate various religious stories and scenes. But without the interference of the mother church, erotic art and pornography would flourish unabated.

Since the advent of comic books and that genre, there have been pornographic comic books. Usually of a small size to hide away in case of inquiring, suspicious eyes. In fact, the simple style of the comic book is a perfect medium for pornographic art, because it usually has a simple story to tell, but within the pages of the comic are elements and aspects of life and lust which can be simply stated by artists using comic books as their art medium.

Of the many adult comics available, the Japanese influence is dominant. Manga and futanari comics have contributed the most interesting artwork, coupled with dizzying issues about sexuality. They are more sophisticated for those readers who have a very active sexual fantasy imagination. For others who don’t require the higher levels of artwork and complex story lines, there are many re-adaptations of popular mainstream comic books where popular characters engage in that very popular pastime never before seen in conventional comics. The choices of various available free comics will satisfy the reader’s particular special interest, while the subjects of the adult erotic comics run the entire gamut of sexuality similar to that of pornographic films and videos. But the one unique quality that comics have that is beyond the reach of porn videos, is the use of images drawn by artists with vivid imaginations that know no limits. The creation of fantasy female and male characters and the use of monsters sets erotic comics apart and ahead of the very popular and very profitable porn video industry.

For those seeking erotic reading material or an erotic fantasy image or an erotic story, nothing compares to the variety made available to the public by comic book animators. These versatile and talented animators from around the globe present images and characters of perfect or even beyond perfect proportions whose main purpose is the titillation and enjoyment of the reading audience. If you have not read an erotic adult comic book, a multitude of choices are available online for your pleasure.

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