My relationship Mistakes

In general I do think that we make both sex and our personal relationships too complicated, but it is not easy to change things. Like so many other girls at London escorts, I am a little bit challenged when it comes to finding a relationship which works. Guys seem to like to go out with us just because we work for charlotte escorts, and long term, that is not a good basis for a relationship, and I have never had a relationship that has lasted more than six months.

I feel like telling these guys that I am not a sex kitten all of the time. When I work for charlotte escorts, it is part of the parcel to be sexy, but when I come away from London escorts, I just want to be myself. That is not easy when your boyfriend thinks that you are some sort of sexy play thing. He may be a car mechanic, but in his eyes, you are always the sexy girl as long as you work for London escorts. Sure I enjoy sex, but I cannot eat, live and breathe sex every minute of the day.

What we need to learn that there is a difference between our private and professional persona. I would not dream of bothering my boyfriend with my broken down car. If that happens I would rather call a mechanic as I am pretty sure that my boyfriend has enough of cars at work. He says that he loves cars, and I know that he does, but life has to be about a little bit more than what we do for a living. Anyway, that is how I feel about London escorts, and I think it is healthy to step back from the London escorts that I work for and do something different.

You need to have some fun in relationships as well. My boyfriend works like mad to get the money to buy his own flat here in London. I know that I could help him, but when I did that in a previous relationship, I just ended up being ripped off and the money I was going to invest in my boyfriend apartment, soon disappeared into thin air. I have worked hard at charlotte escorts to get to where I am today, and today I am much aware of what I should be doing or not doing in my private life. I rather have a night out than to sit there and save money all of the time. Trust is great to have in a personal relationship.

The other thing that you need in a personal relationship to make it work, is something in common. I am not sure how many times I have ended up with a guy who I don’t have anything in common with at all. Some guys just tell you anything when they find out you work for a London escorts service. In other words, they just want to go out with you, and brag about you being a London escorts. It is a little bit like what the cat dragged in, and I hate feeling like that. Sometimes I think it is better to put relationships on the backburner until you have left London escorts and started a new career. It may make your relationship with your partner a bit less volatile.

So, what do you think?