26 Feb
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Sex: What Every Woman Should Know By 30

By the time a woman is thirty, she usually has a few miles on her sexual odometer and some mastery in her skill set. Depending on when she lost her virginity, she could have a decade or more of experience, even if that experience is with one person, her husband, if she married early. However, there’s experience and ‘experience’, so here are a few things every woman should know by the time she’s thirty. This is not going to be an article about a bunch of tricks a woman should know, but information a woman should have to make her sexual experiences more satisfying.

What Feels Good to Her

As much as the movies and romance novels might try to say differently, the right lover is not the answer to figuring out what feels good to a woman. The right lover might help a woman discover this, but in the end, it’s up to the woman and that takes self-exploration. By the time a woman is thirty, she should know what feels good to her. What spots or touches trip her trigger and which ones leave her cold. This may or may not correspond with what popular media say a woman likes, but that’s okay too. Every woman is different and what feels good to one may not feel good to another.

How to Discover What Feels Good to Her Partner

They say it takes two to tango and never is this more obvious than when it comes to sex. Just as it’s important for a woman to know what feels good to her, It’s just as important to discover what feels good to her partner. How to read those moans, groans and twitches that speak louder than words for telling the real story of what’s going on. There’s a reason they call it body language.

The Magic of Oral

This does not refer to the normal genital/oral tricks that people think about when they think of oral, but a much more important form of oral known as communication. By the time a woman is thirty, she should not only know how to ask for what she wants, ask her partner what he wants but also the fine art of dirty talk. It’s said the biggest sexual organ is the mind and one of the quickest way to engage the mind is through the ears right next to it.

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