Soho Escorts

The London escorts scene was actually born in Soho, and many Soho escorts think about themselves as the original London escorts they are found in As a matter of fact, one of the oldest escorts agencies in London is a Soho escorts agency, and it can trace its history back over many years.

These days a lot of agencies get sold off, and absorbed by larger ones. However, this one Soho escorts agency have remained in the same family hands since day one, and is now run by a lady called Madame Rose. Madame Rose knows more about the escorts business in London than any other madam, and she knows how to look after her Soho escorts. She says that she knows all her Soho escorts personally, and she treats them all like they are her daughters. Madame Rose calls them Soho Originals with a great deal of affection, and say that they are all unique.

What is the secret to running an escorts agency well?

Well, says Madame Rose, and look at me through her glasses, you need to have the best girls, but more than anything you need to look after your girls. Many modern escorts agencies are only run for profit, but I don’t look at it that way. I run my agency for the pleasure of it, and it may surprise you, but this is the most profitable agency in London.

I think it depends on the fact that I enjoy running the business, and this in turn comes across to the girls and the gents who use the service. Many of our gents are regular callers, and despite by 62 years, I still answer the phone and speak to them. They seem to really love that, and many say that they get a kick out of them.

Personally, I have to say that I get a kick out of it as well. It is like speaking to old friends on the telephone, and when you hear a familiar voice that is happy to hear yours, it just sets my heart on fire. Escorting means so much more than the obvious, and many gents get a real comfort out of visiting escorts. In a way, they have somehow become part of our extended family.


Variety is the key as well. It is really important to have a variety of girls to be able to offer gents, and you need to be able to cater for we everybody. All the girls who work for me are unique, and I cater for everybody. Some agencies only recruit size ten girls, but I say that is rubbish.

I have everything you need right, and it does matter if you like petite, plus size, black, blonde or brunette. I have gentlemen for everybody, and I have girls for all gents. It is interesting to note that all of my ladies are always busy so that must tell you something.

It is nice to be able to hear from Madame Rose, and it seems that a lot of agencies could learn from Madame Rose example of catering for everybody.

So, what do you think?