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6 Jan
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My Adult Comic Business

When I left London escorts, I started to look around for something to do. I have been in the adult entertainment business for a long so I did not want to give it up. It is much easier to continue […]

26 Feb
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Erotic Comics: Popular Then and Now

The history of eroticism in art begins with the very first cave paintings located in Egypt. Symbols of beauty and eroticism have existed during every age, in all cultures of the world. The Christian church has condemned such art, while […]

25 Dec
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Why are adult comics so popular these days?

Adult comics are becoming more and more popular, and I think it is a bit like men never grow up. When I worked for Charlotte action escorts, adult comics were not in but now men seem to be crazy about […]

23 May
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Adult Comics Out

My boyfriend is completely obsessed with adult comics, and quite frankly it annoys the crap out of me. I have some good friends who work as Canary Wharf escorts, and they say that they are coming across this problem as […]

15 May
Adult comic

Those Adult Comics

Adult comics are becoming more and more popular, but should adult comics be sold in general stores such as WHSmith or Waterstones? Adult comics can actually be quite explicit, and I wonder if they actually belong on general stores shelves. […]

24 Jan
Top Adult Comic Websites

Top 3 Adult Comic Websites

1. Adultsexcomics.net Without a doubt the best of all the sites I viewed. There’s a little bit of everything to be found here. There’s a ton of all things Retro, from drawings to old black and white photos to cartoons. […]

4 Nov
Adult Comics Overview

Adult Comics: An Overview

During that era adult-themed comics featuring well-known-and-loved cartoon characters, political figures, and Hollywood stars were published (without their consent of course) in cheaply-produced pamphlets known as “Tijuana Bibles”. These publications were small, rectangular, 8-page booklets printed in stark black ink […]