31 Jul

The Best Android Comic Apps Available

The search for the ideal Android comic app can often seem tedious. The truth is there are several apps offering various features and designed with the user’s personal tastes and preferences in mind. That said, there are those apps that stand out from the rest, those that offer the most options, the best support and the ideal reading experience.


DC and Marvel fans alike will love this Android comic app and the instant access to over 75,000 graphic novels, manga and comics. After all, not only is this app free, users enjoy the In-app cart purchasing feature, Wish Lists, digital first titles and even same day access to new releases. For those already using Comics, this newest version offers enhanced sorting options and Smart Lists to enhance one’s Comics experience.

Droid Comic Viewer

A powerful Android app, Droid Comic Viewer compatibility with JPEG, BMP, PNG, ZIP, AVE, RAR (beta) and image folders increases one’s comic reading experience. If that isn’t enough, this app provides several multi-touch options, zoom capabilities, auto bookmark. However, perhaps one of the best features are the options that allows users to tailor their comic experience to fit their specific tastes.


A beautiful comic Android app, ComiCat is organized and full of customizing options, allowing users to tailor design their reading experience. Additional features include compatibility with popular comic formats, sorting options, built-in PDF support and a virtual, multi-themed bookshelf. The latest version even offers background thumbnail creation, animation speed configuration and nested folder support just to name a few new features.


If comic fans are looking for an app that is intuitive and easy to navigate, Comic Reader MOBI is the app for them. That the app is compatible with ZIP, RAR, CBZ, CBR and most major formats simply seals the deal. Other handy features include features designed for people who download content from the Internet and zoom. The later is not only ideal for small screens but also expanding areas of special interest.

Perfect Viewer

This Android comic app was designed with simplicity in mind. Easy to use, Perfect Viewer is compatible with several formats, making the app ideal for those who enjoy downloading their favorite comics and manga from the Internet. However, what makes the Perfect Viewer app perfect is the more than five viewing modes bookshelf features, wallpaper options and that is just the beginning.

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