4 Apr

The World of Comics – Adults Only

There are comics, and then there are comics specifically geared towards adults. Below we’ve listed some of the more popular adult comic sites available today.

Comes up first in the search engines for adult comic websites, but it’s not yet operating and still looking for investors. If you’re interested, cartoonists and copy writers are applying now for a gig at this website. It could be a big launch with the right writers and cartoonists on board, so investors should keep an eye on this one.

Do you dare? This site gives you the porn that some may not want to see in comics featuring Locus, the girl who defeats werewolves and demons. Webcomics sponsors Hate Farm, your typical crude, sick humor along with Spinerette, the thunder-thigh women who threaten lives with just their thighs!

Highly recommended and very cool….they have the real comics which are highly entertaining. Zikzki.com stages stories of comic characters playing their roles in the porn industry. Very interesting for writers and investors….big money is being put into Zizki for good reason; they have great artists and writers. This is a company that will keep comics in business.

Is popular in the adult comic industry as they accept projects from all over the world. Many artists from various countries have their comics on this site and get great reviews; their stories go on and on with the readers wanting more. It’s a world like the TV industry but can’t be televised – so hush-hush.

I’m sure this website is number one of all adult comic websites. Comicsmania offers several comics with graphic illustrations and really funny comments. The story-lines are realistic and short, leading from one problem to the next, keeping you intrigued enough to follow the storyline. This site is fun and much visited.

A comic website but not with your typical comic strips. This website leaves nothing to doubt, nothing to the imagination, yep….they really did that. If you like it dirty, visit Xvideos.

So, what do you think?