Those Adult Comics

Adult comics are becoming more and more popular, but should adult comics be sold in general stores such as WHSmith or Waterstones? Adult comics can actually be quite explicit, and I wonder if they actually belong on general stores shelves. London escorts seem to agree with me, and we were actually have a chat about this issue the other day over coffee.

The Sun newspaper has always featured George and Lynne but you can’t really George and Lynne are provocative, however London escorts do seem to think that adult comics are very provocative and perhaps a bit too much so. I do agree, and I have to say that I would not want my daughter to read adult or look at adult comics.

Some of my friends who work as escorts in London seem to be a bit up in arms about the entire situation, and they are calling for action from companies like Waterstones and WHSmith. The problem is that these companies, including the publishers of the adult comics make a lot of money from selling adult comics. It is not easy to say to them to remove the comics from general stores.

At least the London escorts say that the adult comics should be placed on the top shelf along with the other more explicit materials. That is an idea, and perhaps they should consider placing them in special bags, so kids can’t see what is in them. It would be an idea to write not for under 18’s or something like that on the bag. I can see the point here, and I do think that the London escorts are right.

We are surrounded by too much sex, and kids may not understand what it is all about. It can be difficult enough to explain the concept of sex as it is to kids, and have to deal with adult comics as well is just too much according to London escorts.

Why do we need adult comics?

I wonder why we actually need adult comics. we already have a lot of adult magazines. Many of the London escorts that I spoke to say that there is just too much of all of this, and we don’t really need to have so much sexually explicit material on our shelves. It is actually getting to be too much, and I wonder what is going through people’s minds sometimes.

I write a lot for another publishing group as well, and I would say that some of their material is very explicit. Yet, it is on general release but when I showed it to my London escorts friends, they were a bit shocked. Anybody can pick up this material, and read it. A young child can go in and buy one of the mags only to read about breast implants and penis extensions. Is that right?

It seems to be that the entire press is becoming x-rated, and that quality information do not sell magazines anymore, shock tactics sell magazine. It is difficult to say what is right and wrong, and perhaps we should revalue the situation.

So, what do you think?