20 May

Top Controversial Comic Books

Comedy is a relief that soothes the soul. However, there comes a time when comedy is deemed to have gone too far in its delivery. This explains why there are various comic books that have been deemed controversial in nature and thus banned. The Comic Book Legal Defense of one of the notable organizations that are known to campaign against the banning of these books. Even with this, there are several books that are known to be controversial thus leading to them being banned. Each day, comic books are taken out of circulation on ground of bad language, sexual content or violence. The following are some of these books.

Ultraman, The Ultra Power

Ultraman is a popular personality in Japan. He appears in movies, TV shows and comic books and video games. However, his comic book was banned in some nations that include Kuala Lumpur. The reason for this ban was because the comic book allegedly used the word Allah irresponsibly. The comic book was therefore accused of undermining public security and societal morals.


Maus is not doubt one of the most critically acclaimed comic books of all time. This book depicts people from different nations in form of animals in one distressing and vibrant allegory about the Holocaust. The book was banned because it portrayed the Polish characters as pigs.


Despite its initial success, Saga saw its 12th issue taken off Apple’s app store. The real reason for this was not clearly laid out. However, it is believed that this was due to its violation on sex morals when it showed two man having sex on a face-screen of a robot.

Halle the Hooters Girl

Halle the Hooters Girl is a book that put together the adventures of a waitress from the friend chicken restaurant that was believed to be less than progressive. Although most comic books would be banned because they have been perceived in bad taste, this is not the case with Halle the Hooters Girl. It was banned for violating the copyright law in its title.

Air Pirates Funnies

The revolution in comic books was seen in the 1970s, even though it was mostly constrained to the underground. The Air pirates collective however was the most infamous of all. It not only depicted comics about drugs and sex but also decided to make Mickey indulge in them as part of their fun. This book was therefore banned because this did not go well with Disney.

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