Why are adult comics so popular these days?

Adult comics are becoming more and more popular, and I think it is a bit like men never grow up. When I worked for Charlotte action escorts, adult comics were not in but now men seem to be crazy about them. Many of the girls who work for London escorts now, are often asked to act out adult comics fantasies. Men would like to meet their own heroines in the flesh and the most popular form of role play at London escorts, is now adult comics role play. To be honest, I think it is funny and I used to love role play.

When I worked for London escorts, I soon realized that it is true that men never really grow up. I would say that 99 per cent of my dates at London escorts were with men that wanted to play. This will probably never change, and the popularity of dominatrix services seem to confirm this. There are now more dominatrix services in London than anywhere else in the world. Lots of guys, or gents, even travel to London to date the top dominatrix ladies, and many of these girls can earn a fortune. It is not for me, but I am glad somebody is doing.

I have looked at some of the adult comics, and I am glad that my husband does not get turned on by them. My husband is not as boring as some of the girls at London escorts believe, but he is not into adult comics. Many of the girls at Charlotte action escorts now read adult comics just to keep up with the latest in the industry. It seems a strange set up to me, but the world of escorting changes all of the time, and that is what makes it exciting.

To be honest, I keep wondering if any London escorts have been asked to star in porn movies featuring adult comic heroes. It would not surprise me. After all, porn movies are sort of becoming a niche market and if we are going to keep on making commercially viable porn movies, we may have to change the way we do things. Maybe one day London escorts will be the heroines of adult comic porn style movies, I would just have to see one if that happened. I am sure that those girls would have a long line for their boudoir doors, and make a fortune out of their characters.

Why are men who date Charlotte action escorts also interested in adult comics? I think it is a form of escapism, and so do many of the London escorts that I have spoken to. After all, many of these gents work hard during the week, and at the weekend, they want a bit of escapism. I am sure that is what adult comics are all about. That and the fact that boys will be boys. My husband enjoys computer games, and seems to be happy in front of the TV with his Xbox. That just says it all, he is a little boy who does not want to grow up. He just wants to be naughty forever, and isn’t that true about all men????

So, what do you think?